Getting Started

Your first step depends on what type of database you're planning to use and where it's stored. Some types of databases are stored in traditional files, like Microsoft Access, and can simply be opened. Other database types, like MySQL or Oracle, require that you connect to a database server. You can think of the server as the engine that handles everything to do with the database. Often these types of databases will require special software and database drivers to be installed on your computer.

Opening a Database

Creating a New Database

Working with Data

Special Variables

Picture Field Considerations

DISCLAIMER: If you are operating in a corporate or organization environment, you must obtain permission from the database administrator before attempting to access any database with NeoDBpro or any other tool. Please be extremely careful if you are experimenting with a live, mission critical database. If the database doesn't have the proper security precautions, it's certainly possible for someone who doesn't know what they are doing to delete important data or otherwise cause serious damage to a database.